Three Gold Medals for TMFC Students in at Premier RJCC and RYC


Manalapan, NJ (September, 2019)- Over 20 Tim Morehouse Fencing Club students participated in the Premier RJCC and SYC as their first tournament of the 2019 season. Taking place over a three day span, the tournament included Y10, Y12, Y-14, Cadet and Junior events.

Our students achieved two Gold Medals, one Silver Medal, and four Bronze Medals. Congratulations everyone!


  • Top 8 for Aram Clark in Y-10 Men’s Saber

  • Bronze Medal for Madison Duckett in Y-14 Women’s Saber

  • Top 8 for Scotland Jenkins in Y-14 Women’s Saber

  • Top 8 for Gabriel McCarthy in Y-14 Men’s Saber

  • Bronze Medal for Audrey Young Y-12 Women’s Saber

  • Bronze Medal for Charlotte Young Y-12 Women’s Saber

  • Gold Medal for Amanda Li in Cadet Women’s Saber

  • Bronze Medal for Madison Duckett in Cadet Women’s Saber

  • Gold Medal for Adele Bois in Junior Women’s Saber

  • Silver Medal for Gabriel McCarthy in Y-12 Mens Saber

Full Results can be found:

Tim Morehouse Youth Fencers Begin the Regular Season at Boston SYC

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 11.48.59 AM.png

Throughout the 2018-2019 season, Tim Morehouse Fencing Club has proven its strength in the Super Youth Circuit. Finishing last season with 60+ medals including more than 10 gold, youth fencers return to the 2019-2020 season looking for more.

20 fencers from Tim Morehouse Fencing Club are competing in the first SYC of the regular season in Y10, Y12, and Y14 events.

Notably, Charlotte Young will be competing in the Y10 and Y12 women’s saber events. She holds the number one ranking in the country for Y10 women’s fencing. Aria Bevacqua, who holds the number three ranking for Y12 will also be competing in the Y12 and Y14 events.

For the mens events, one of Tim Morehouse Fencing Club’s international competitors, Gabriel McCarthy will be fencing in the Y12 and Y14 events only days after retiring from Pan American Youth and Veteran Championships.

What will the 2019-2020 season hold? Our students have trained hard this summer know that you don’t win your medals at the tournament, but through the day to day efforts at practice and the off season. Good luck to all of our fencers at TMFC!

Events with Tim Morehouse Fencing Club Students include:

August 30th - Y14 WS
Bevacqua, Aria
Bois, Adele
Ferrari-Bridgers, Marinella
Javeri, Amaya
Jenkins, Scotland

August 31st - Y10 MS
Clark, Aram
Kim, Ethan
Oh, Aster
Waxler, Ryan
Zhao, Zihan

August 31st - Y12 WS
Bevacqua, Aria
Li, Alexis
Young, Audrey
Young, Charlotte

September 1st - Y10 WS
Young, Charlotte

September 1st - Y12 MS
Clark, Gabriel
Kim, Shaun
Oh, Aster
Oh, Triton
Wang, Robert
Gabriel McCarthy

September 2nd - Y14 MS
Fields, Matthew
Kim, Shaun
Oh, Triton
Wang, Robert
Waxler, Seth
Max Denner
Gabriel McCarthy

Enrollment is now open for the Tim Morehouse Fencing Club programs in Westchester, New York City and Greenwich, CT.

Link :

Student Spotlight: Mackenzie Z. Sampson-Alspon

“You’ll be seeing this one making some noise at tournaments in a few years. She’s got an incredible spirit, enthusiasm and openness to learn” - Coach Tim

Mackenzie has been fencing at TMFC since January 2019. She attends the Saber Elite Class and is making progress in leaps and bounds! She trains with our amazing Coach Diana, and occasionally with Coach Tim. Mackenzie recently stepped up her commitment and trained for a full three hours at TMFC. You go Mackenzie!

Check out some videos that document Mackenzie’s progress:

TMFC Fencer Jasmina Denner Brings Home Two Silver Medals at the Can/Am Veteran's Cup 2019

Pictured: Jasmina Denner wins one of her two Silver Medals at the Can/Am Veteran's Cup 2019

Pictured: Jasmina Denner wins one of her two Silver Medals at the Can/Am Veteran's Cup 2019

Markham, ON (May, 2019) - TMFC Fencer Jasmina Denner competed in the Can/Am Veteran's Cup 2019, the premier Veteran’s Fencing event in North America. The tournament took place at the Vango Toronto Fencing Centre and featured 30 events over two days.

Jasmina achieved a Silver Medal finish in both of the events that she competed in: Vet-50 Women’s Saber, and Vet-Combined Women’s Saber.

Congratulations Jasmina!

Full Club Results Below:

Vet-50 Women’s Saber

  • 2nd Denner, Jasmina

Vet-Combined Women’s Saber

  • 2nd Denner, Jasmina

Full Results:

Students of Tim Morehouse Fencing Club Achieve Awesome Results at the 2019 Cobra Saber Spectacular

Pictured: Emilio Gonzalez won a Gold Medal in Y-10 Men’s Saber

Pictured: Emilio Gonzalez won a Gold Medal in Y-10 Men’s Saber


  • Gold Medal for Emilio Gonzalez in Y-10 Men’s Saber

  • Top-8 Medal for Audrey Young in Y-12 Women’s Saber

  • Top-8 Medal for Ron Miller in Vet Men’s Saber

Jersey City, NJ (May, 2019) - Six fencers from Tim Morehouse Fencing Club participated in this all-ages tournament at the Lakawanna Warehouse. The tournament took place over a single day and featured 12 Saber events.

Our fencers achieved one Gold Medal and two Top-8 Medals. Emilio Gonzalez brought home a Gold Medal in Y-10 Men’s Saber. Top-8 Medals were awarded to Audrey Young in Y-12 Women’s Saber, and Ron Miller in Vet Men’s Saber.

Congratulations everyone!

Full Club Results Below:

Y-12 Women's Saber

  • 7th Young, Audrey

  • 12th Young, Charlotte

Y-10 Men's Saber

  • 1st Gonzalez, Emilio

Junior Men's Saber

  • 21st Parkhurst, Michael

Junior Women's Saber

  • 12th Lai, Sophie

Vet Men's Saber

  • 8th Miller, Ron

Senior Women's Saber

  • 33rd Lai, Sophie

Full Results: 

The Top-55 Competitive Youth Saber Clubs In The Country (2018-2019)


Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 2.34.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 2.34.49 PM.png

There are a number of different lenses to view the success and effectiveness of a fencing club, but since the SYC season just wrapped up today with the final bout at the Rain City Super Youth Circuit between Spartak’s Chase Callahan winning 15-5 over Halberstadt Fencers' Club’s Reya Ghayalod in Bellevue, WA we thought we’d review the competition data and see the results!

I’m really excited to report that for the first time in Tim Morehouse Fencing Club history we have won the most amount of SYC Saber medals and most amount of SYC Saber gold medals in the country! Special congratulations as well to Dynamo Fencing Center on finishing 2nd in the count and beating out some of the perennial saber powerhouses.

After opening just three years ago, I couldn’t be more thrilled and grateful for the hard work of our staff, coaches, students and families. We are charting our own path combining the best-practices of modern teaching methodologies, with human centered design of our programs, with data-driven measurement. At the end of the day, the measure of success is always RESULTS.

One of the first goals we set when we opened Tim Morehouse Fencing Club was to become the top Competitive Youth Development club in the country.

At the time, we used the National Club Rankings to measure how we finished. Since the website is no longer being updated, we thought we’d follow along to his methodology of measuring the club through SYC medal finishes.

I’ve included a few different bits of data including the # of entries by clubs, top-8 finishes and gold medal finishes. We also broke down the data by men/women and age-category.


  • Since USA Fencing’s website doesn’t have open API and results are no longer on ASKFRED, this data was entered manually. If you notice any errors, please let us know and we will update them! (If a club name is spelled differently, it will read it as 2 different clubs)

  • We only counted the first club that a student represents and not the secondary.

  • We counted the results of the club a student was representing at the time. So, if a student was representing club X in September and Club Y in May then the results in September would count towards Club X.

  • We combined clubs with affiliate locations into one club. So for example, Sheridan Fencing Academy which has a few different locations is counted as one club.

  • We only counted Y10, Y12 and Y14. Not Y8 or the Cadets that sometimes occurred at SYCS.

Some Take-Aways From our Subset of Medal Winning Students:

  • ALL our TMFC Student’s winning medals take a minimum of 2 Private Lessons Per Week (Most Average 2-3). We had zero medal winners taking 1 lesson or less.

  • ALL the TMFC Student’s who won medals this past season participated in a minimum of two weeks of Summer Training Camps with the average being 3 weeks. By the way, here is a link to our Youth Summer Camps where most of our medalists started! (Youth Competitive Saber Camps Sign Up:

  • The student’s who won medals attended practice on average 3-4 times per week except on weeks with tournaments. NONE of the students who won medals practice over 5x per week or more. (Interesting fact)

  • Almost all the students who won medals competed in the age-category the year before. 75% + of the medals were from students in their final year of an age-category. (Age does make a big difference!)


Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 2.58.53 PM.png


Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 2.59.58 PM.png

Tim Morehouse Fencing Club Students Win 3 Medals In Baltimore


  • Silver Medal for Aria Bevacqua in Youth-10 Girls

  • Bronze Medal for Shaun Kim in Youth-10 Boys

  • Top-8 Medal for Zach Wolin in Division 3 men’s saber

  • Top-16 finishes by Josephine Chang and Peter Hammer in Youth-14 and by Max Denner in Youth-12

  • 7 TM-FC Fencers earned National Points

Baltimore, Maryland (March, 2018) - 31 Members of Tim Morehouse Fencing Club (TM-FC) traveled to USA Fencing’s Youth North American Cup tournament to compete against the best fencers in the country in the youth 10, 12 and 14 age categories as well as Division 3.

Over 2000 students from around the country took part in the competition that was held March 9-12 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

The Club won 3 national medals including a Silver Medal won by Aria Bevacqua in Youth-10 girls saber, a bronze medal by Shaun Kim in Youth-10 boys saber and a top-8 medal finish by Zach Wolin in Division 3 men’s saber. The medals won by Bevacqua and Kim represent the first North Americn Cup medals won by the Club in these age categories.

Nine members of the Club earned national points including Josephine Chang (Youth-14), Peter Hammer (Youth-14), Adele Bois (Youth-14 and Youth-12), Aria Bevacqua (Youth-10), Alen Matsui (Youth-14), Max Denner (Youth-12) and Shaun Kim (Youth-10), Gabriel McCarthy (Youth-10) and Robert Wang (Youth-10).

The Club also fielded teams in the Youth-14 boys ad girls team competition and they placed in the top-16 respectively of those events. Josephine Chang, Peter Hammer and Max Denner also registered top-16 finishes amongst very competitive fields.

The Club fielded its largest group to-date at a national competition and this was the first North American Cup competition for 20 of the clubs 30 competing members. 

In the New National Rankings: (March, 2018)

  • Aria Bevacqua is now ranked 5th, Catelyn So 16th and Alanna Guilfoyle 22nd in Youth-10 Girls Saber

  • Shaun Kim 11th, Gabriel McCarthy 17th, Emilio Gonzalez 35th and Robert Wang 43rd in Youth-10 Boys Saber

  • Max Denner 8th and William Morrill 43rd in Youth-12 Boys Saber

  • Adele Bois 34th and Marina Ferrarri-Bridgers 39th in Youth-12 Girls Saber

  • Josephine Chang 23rd in Youth-14 Girls Saber

  • Peter Hammer 22nd in Youth-14 Boys Saber

Full Club Results Below:

Division 3 Men’s Saber (107 Competitors)
7th (Medal) Zach Wolin
34thScott Wyche
78th Alexander Sanfilippo-Scherer

Youth-14 Women’s Saber (139 Competitors)
14th (National Points) – Josephine Chang
64th (National Points) – Adele Bois
81st Marinella Ferrari-Bridgers
94th Sophia Cannon
97th Fiona Neibart
129th Amaya Javeri
132nd Caroline Sullivan

Youth-10 Girls Saber (39 Competitors)
Silver Medal – Aria Bevacqua
18th Catelyn So
21st Charlotte Young
25th Audrey Young

Youth-12 Girls Saber (90 Competitors)
29th (National Points) Adele Bois
34th Aria Bevacqua
39th Marinella Ferrari-Bridgers
61st Amaya Javeri
78th Madison Ducket

Youth-14 Boys Saber (214 Competitors)
10th Place (National Points) Peter Hammer
56th Pace (National Points) Alen Matsui
92nd Alex Chan
108th Justin Morrill
113th Max Denner
120th William Morrill

Youth-14 Girls Team (21 Teams)
13th Place (Josephine Chang, Eve Boise, Sophia Cannon and Marinelli Ferrari-Bridges)

Youth-12 Boys Saber (156 Competitors)
13th (National) Max Denner
74th William Morrill
76th Winston Chien
86th Dylan Vig
117th Robert Wang
126th Gabriel McCarthy
127th Shaun Kim
150th Charles Leonard

Youth-10 Boys Saber (63 Competitors)
Bronze Medal – Shaun Kim
22nd (National Points) – Robert Wang
26th (National Points) – Gabriel McCarthy
35th Emilio Gonzalez
42nd Enzo Bera
59th Myles Duckett

Youth-14 Boys Team
13th Place Max Denner, Alex Chan, Peter Hammer and Alen Matsui

Full Results: