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Three Gold Medals for TMFC Students in at Premier RJCC and RYC


Manalapan, NJ (September, 2019)- Over 20 Tim Morehouse Fencing Club students participated in the Premier RJCC and SYC as their first tournament of the 2019 season. Taking place over a three day span, the tournament included Y10, Y12, Y-14, Cadet and Junior events.

Our students achieved two Gold Medals, one Silver Medal, and four Bronze Medals. Congratulations everyone!


  • Top 8 for Aram Clark in Y-10 Men’s Saber

  • Bronze Medal for Madison Duckett in Y-14 Women’s Saber

  • Top 8 for Scotland Jenkins in Y-14 Women’s Saber

  • Top 8 for Gabriel McCarthy in Y-14 Men’s Saber

  • Bronze Medal for Audrey Young Y-12 Women’s Saber

  • Bronze Medal for Charlotte Young Y-12 Women’s Saber

  • Gold Medal for Amanda Li in Cadet Women’s Saber

  • Bronze Medal for Madison Duckett in Cadet Women’s Saber

  • Gold Medal for Adele Bois in Junior Women’s Saber

  • Silver Medal for Gabriel McCarthy in Y-12 Mens Saber

Full Results can be found: https://www.fencingtimelive.com/tournaments/eventSchedule/BF8D48F1333B44BEA63F996E8FBE39E6#today

Tim Morehouse Youth Fencers Begin the Regular Season at Boston SYC

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 11.48.59 AM.png

Throughout the 2018-2019 season, Tim Morehouse Fencing Club has proven its strength in the Super Youth Circuit. Finishing last season with 60+ medals including more than 10 gold, youth fencers return to the 2019-2020 season looking for more.

20 fencers from Tim Morehouse Fencing Club are competing in the first SYC of the regular season in Y10, Y12, and Y14 events.

Notably, Charlotte Young will be competing in the Y10 and Y12 women’s saber events. She holds the number one ranking in the country for Y10 women’s fencing. Aria Bevacqua, who holds the number three ranking for Y12 will also be competing in the Y12 and Y14 events.

For the mens events, one of Tim Morehouse Fencing Club’s international competitors, Gabriel McCarthy will be fencing in the Y12 and Y14 events only days after retiring from Pan American Youth and Veteran Championships.

What will the 2019-2020 season hold? Our students have trained hard this summer know that you don’t win your medals at the tournament, but through the day to day efforts at practice and the off season. Good luck to all of our fencers at TMFC!

Events with Tim Morehouse Fencing Club Students include:

August 30th - Y14 WS
Bevacqua, Aria
Bois, Adele
Ferrari-Bridgers, Marinella
Javeri, Amaya
Jenkins, Scotland

August 31st - Y10 MS
Clark, Aram
Kim, Ethan
Oh, Aster
Waxler, Ryan
Zhao, Zihan

August 31st - Y12 WS
Bevacqua, Aria
Li, Alexis
Young, Audrey
Young, Charlotte

September 1st - Y10 WS
Young, Charlotte

September 1st - Y12 MS
Clark, Gabriel
Kim, Shaun
Oh, Aster
Oh, Triton
Wang, Robert
Gabriel McCarthy

September 2nd - Y14 MS
Fields, Matthew
Kim, Shaun
Oh, Triton
Wang, Robert
Waxler, Seth
Max Denner
Gabriel McCarthy

Enrollment is now open for the Tim Morehouse Fencing Club programs in Westchester, New York City and Greenwich, CT.

Link :https://www.timmorehousefencing.com/enrollnow

Tim Morehouse Fencing Club Students Compete at Pan American Youth and Veteran Championships

Tim Morehouse Fencing Club Students Compete at Pan American Youth and Veteran Championships

(Cochabamba, Bolivia) - On Tuesday, the U.S. sent a total of 26 fencers to compete at the Pan American Youth and Veteran Championships, three of which are Tim Morehouse Fencing Club students.

NY Fencers Club Pushes Back Into 1st Place as Tim Morehouse Fencing Club Climbs from 5th to 2nd Place on Day 5 of Summer Nationals

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 10.12.39 PM.png

Columbus, Ohio - Manhattan Fencing Centers grip on 1st place lasted one day as NY Fencer’s Club medal haul on day 5 propelled them back into 1st place. Over the first 5 days, the New York Athletic Club, NY Fencer’s Club and Manhattan Fencing Club have all held the top spot.

The big mover on the day 5 was Tim Morehouse Fencing Club which captured 5 medals and rose from 5th place to 2nd place with medals in all 3 weapons and 3 medals in foil.

At the halfway point, 50 events have been competed with close to 400 medals being awarded to the 3000 athletes who have competed so far in the largest fencing competition in the world. Additional, 552 clubs have been represented at this years Summer Nationals and July Challenge 2019.

What will the final 5 days of competition hold? The majority of Youth events, Division 2 and 3 as well as a number of Veteran events are coming up in the final 5 days of Summer Nationals.

Here is the full medal count leaderboard:

The Live Results:

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 10.11.49 PM.png

Tim Morehouse Fencing Club Storms Up The Rankings Into 2nd Place on Day 5 of Summer Nationals

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 10.14.32 PM.png

Columbus, Ohio - Tim Morehouse Fencing Club (TMFC) moved into 2nd place in the medal count with 5 medals won on day 5 of the Summer Nationals and July Challenge 2019. TMFC has now won 11 medals overall and is in 2nd place behind Fencer's Club with 14 medals.

In the most successful Summer National’s day in TMFC history, Madelon Rosenfeld brought home the first Veteran’s medal in the club’s history with a silver medal in the Vet-70 age category. She also qualified for the World Championships and became TMFC’s 3rd national team member.

In Youth-14 men’s saber, Lex Denner followed up on his top-8 performance in Cadet with another hard fought top-8 medal including a come from behind victory in the round of 16. The Tim Morehouse Fencing Club Women’s foil squad then became the first squad to win 2 medals in one event for the club with Sabrina Fang taking home a bronze medal and Cat Flannagan bringing home a top-8 medal with a 5th place finish in cadet women’s foil.

Bronze medalist Sabrina Fang and top-8 medalist Cat Flannagan with Coach Slava.

Bronze medalist Sabrina Fang and top-8 medalist Cat Flannagan with Coach Slava.

Connor Kravit promised to bring home Tim Morehouse Fencing Club’s first ever Summer National Epee medal and he delivered with a top-8 medal in Cadet men’s saber.

Madelon Rosenfeld (TMFC’s first Veteran Team Member) with Coach Slava

Madelon Rosenfeld (TMFC’s first Veteran Team Member) with Coach Slava

Here are the rankings after day 5:

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 10.12.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 10.11.49 PM.png

The Top-50 Youth Foil Fencing Clubs In The Country! (2018-2019 Season)

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 10.42.35 AM.png
Foil Rankings Top 50 v4.png

Congratulations Fencers Club Inc on bringing home the title of #1 Youth Competitive Foil Club in the country for the 2018-2019 Season!

Fencers Club brought home 37 SYC medals with Gutkovsky Fencing Academy right behind with 36. Renaissance Fencing Academy (32 medals), 5-Towns Fencers Club (29 medals) and Silicon Valley Fencing Center (28 medals) rounded out the top-5. Congratulations to all the coaches and students on their hard work!

The calculations are based on the number of top-8 medal finishes at Super Youth Circuits and the Youth NAC in March.

Renaissance won the most Gold Medals with 10 and Fencers Club had the most amount of tournament entries 244. You can view the top-25 for entries and gold medals won at SYCs and the Youth NAC below.

Entries V2.png
Foil Gold Medals.png


  • Since USA Fencing’s website doesn’t have open API and results are no longer on ASKFRED, this data was entered manually. If you notice any errors, please let us know and we will update them! (If a club name is spelled differently, it will read it as 2 different clubs)

  • We only counted the first club that a student represents and not the secondary.

  • We counted the results of the club a student was representing at the time. So, if a student was representing club X in September and Club Y in May then the results in September would count towards Club X.

  • We combined clubs with affiliate locations into one club. So for example, Sheridan Fencing Academy which has a few different locations is counted as one club.

  • We only counted Y10, Y12 and Y14. Not Y8 or the Cadets that sometimes occurred at SYCS.

Elite Epee Fencing in Westchester with Coach Alex Zurabishvili at Tim Morehouse Fencing Club


Coach Alex Zurabishvili has developed several national team members and he is the Head Epee Coach at Tim Morehouse Fencing Club where he is in charge of developing all aspects of the Epee program.

The club is offering group classes and private lessons in Epee at our Port Chester Facility at 135 Pearl Street, Port Chester, NY 10573.

Email info@timmorehousefencing.com for more information.


All the bouts fenced, win-loss and event entry totals by TMFC student’s since the club opened in December, 2015 until May, 12, 2019.

All the bouts fenced, win-loss and event entry totals by TMFC student’s since the club opened in December, 2015 until May, 12, 2019.

The above graphic is a summary of almost every bout ever fenced by anyone ever representing Tim Morehouse Fencing Club since we first opened our first club in Manhattan in December, 2015.

I started out thinking about this solely as a tournament’s article but it also got me thinking about the financial impact our club has had on the sport with so many new members that are competing.


  • 2931 Tournament Entries: If an athlete spends an average of $60 per tournament entry fee, it means TMFC families collectively have spent over 175,000 on entry fees over the past 4 seasons and $85,000 this season alone.

  • Do # Competitors and Results Correlate? The increase in entries did correlate to an increase in medal results. This season TMFC won the SYC medal count for the first time (Top 55 Competitive Saber Clubs 2018-2019). However, I don’t necessarily think the # of entries will necessarily mean better results. Our pool and DE % has remained relatively the same as the number of entries has increased.

  • WIN-LOSS %: Has held relatively steady even with the increase in competitors which for us has come from new fencers taking their first competitive steps. Our “more experienced” fencers improved their results while new fencers are taking their first steps of winning 1-3 pool bouts in their first 10 tournaments.

  • The Pool win-loss % and DE win-loss % are relatively similar for the club overall.

  • Next steps for me are to break down the win-loss record and % by age category, # of years competing and we also look at things by coach within these sub-group

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 3.39.10 PM.png
Broken down by Pool and DE Record.

Broken down by Pool and DE Record.

The data
includes every local tournament, regional, national and international tournament that our fencers have fenced in over the past four years. The results do not include NCAA fencing results.

The results are only from tournaments where student’s were representing TMFC.

My professional background included four years on staff at Teach For America where data-driven was a way of a life. Everything that was a key metric for success had to be measured and analyzed. All goals had to be measurable, progress was tracked and any conversation about next steps and improvement was grounded in what the data was telling us. I saw amazing results and progress when this was done well with teachers and students.

For someone like myself who was training for the Olympics, being at an organization with clear and measurable goals helped me to thrive and I always felt a key thing missing from my own Olympic fencing career was the type of powerful data that could help me make better decisions on the strip and off.

So, Tim Morehouse Fencing Club’s ingredients are a mix of our coaches fencing knowledge, a data-driven teaching pedagogy and a values driven approach to the lessons we teach and how they could impact students beyond the fencing strip.

Welcome To MORE-HOUSE!