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The NYC Fencing Club Taught By Olympians

Tim Morehouse Fencing Club teaches the Olympic sport of fencing — with classes, lessons and camps for competitors of all ages and ability levels in saber, epee and foil.


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Why Tim Morehouse Fencing Club?

The coaches at Tim Morehouse Fencing Club, led by Olympic Silver Medalist Tim Morehouse, work hard to create a safe, fun, inclusive, and focused environment for learners of all abilities.

In addition, TMFC is one of the fastest rising fencing clubs in the country. After our first year of operation, National Fencing Club Rankings calculated that Tim Morehouse Fencing Club ranks 10th in the nation for the most youth saber medals awarded and 5th in the nation for the most youth boys saber medals awarded during the 2015-2016 season.

The same site also concluded that Tim Morehouse Fencing Club is the best youth women's saber club in the state of New York.

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Tim Morehouse Fencing Club offers classes for fencers of all levels — from just starting to Olympic hopefuls.

  • Youth Champions: Teach the fundamentals of saber for students ages 7-12.
  • Junior/Senior Elite: Serve students who regularly compete at regional and national events.
  • Adult Novice: offer busy professionals an opportunity to learn a new hobby and compete!
  • Musketeers: teach children ages 4-6 how to gain better control over their bodies and minds through fencing.


West Side, Manhattan

210 W 91st St (between Broadway and Amsterdam), 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10024
Phone: (317) 886-8243 | Email: info@timmorehousefencing.com

Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday 12pm-9pm
Friday 12pm-6pm
Sunday 9am-5pm

Port Chester, NY
(Westchester County)

135 Pearl Street
Port Chester, NY 10574

Phone: (317) 886-8243 | Email: info@timmorehousefencing.com

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 12pm-9pm
Saturday 9am-5pm


140 Hommocks RD. 
Larchmont, NY 10538

Phone: (317) 886-8243 | Email: info@timmorehousefencing.com

Hours of Operation (Larchmont)
Monday, Wednesday, Friday