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Tim Morehouse Fencing Club Finishes 2nd In The Country with 21 Medals at the USA Fencing Summer Nationals 2019


Columbus, OH - Building on a stellar regular season that saw Tim Morehouse Fencing Club (TMFC) finish first in the Super Youth Circuit (SYC) Medal rankings and qualify its first Cadet National Team Member, TMFC came into the 2019 nationals with a strong potential for results but the outcome eclipsed even the coaches best expectations with a 21 medal performance.

After only 3 full years of operation, TMFC posted some incredible numbers:

  • Tim Morehouse Fencing Club finished 2nd in the country out of 600+ fencing clubs that participated in the Summer Nationals.

  • The club fielded the 2nd largest amount of amount of competitors with 92 students competing in 197 events. Only NY Fencers club had more.

  • The club won 2 gold medals along with an additional 11 top-4 results and a total of 21 top-8 finishes placing the club #2 overall in top-4 and top-8 results.
    (Link to USA Fencing’s Medal Leaders: https://www.usafencing.org/2019-sn-club-medal-count)

  • The club also had an additional 6 top-16 results and 59 out of TMFC’s 92 student’s posted at least a top-32 result in one event.

  • This was the first Summer Nationals that TMFC competed in all 3 weapons and the saber program brought home 14 saber, 6 foil and a epee medal.

  • The club finished #2 in the country in Saber and tied for 7th place overall in foil medals.


  • SABER GOLDS: Jonah Shainberg brought home the gold in Division 1 men’s saber and followed that up by teaming with Nicka Lortkipanidze, Henry Nadile, Owen Prevey-Sullivan and Team Captain Guga Lorkipanidze to bring home Senior men’s saber team to gold.

  • VETERAN MEDALS AND WORLD TEAM: The club won its first 2 Veteran medals in the club’s history with Jasmina Denner bringing home a bronze medal in Veteran-50 women’s saber and Madelon Rosenfeld taking home a silver medal in Veteran-70 on her way to qualifying for the world team!

  • FOIL TEAM SILVER: The boys foil team with Finn Hossfeld, Nathan Andrews, Jake McGililon-Moore and Zachary Binder brought home a hard-fought silver medal in senior team foil.

  • Sabrina Fang brought home a bronze in cadet women’s foil, Catelyn So a bronze in Youth-10 women’s saber, William Morrill was 3rd in Youth-12 men’s saber, Fiona Neibart was 3rd in Division 3 women’s Saber.

  • Three of the Top-4 in Youth-10 Boys Saber: Myles Duckett brought home the silver medal while Emilio Gonzalez and Enzo Bera captured bronze medals to cap an incredible final day at nationals that pushed TMFC into 2nd place.. Gabriel Clark was also top-16 in Youth-10 men’s saber.

  • Lex Denner brought home 2 medals with a 5th place finish in Youth-14 men’s saber and a 6th place finish in cadet saber. Lex’s results earned him a top-20 ranking in Cadet for the upcoming season so he will be able to compete in the designated international cadet tournaments for the first time.

  • Madison Four-Garcia finished 2nd in Youth-14 women’s saber in addition to top-32 performances in the Cadet and Junior events that have also ranked her in the top-20 in cadet in the country. She will also begin competing for the first time next season at designated international tournaments.

  • Sasha Abayeva, Cat Flanagan, Alina Zhang, Guga Lortkipanidze and Mari Ferrari-Bridgers all brought home top-8 medals in there respect events.

  • Top-16 Results: With many events over 200 competitors, top-16 results are very strong results and Gabriel Clark, Nowell Gibson, Finn Hossfeld, Adele Bois, Christina Ferrari and Sasha Slobodsky all fought their way into the top-16 of their respective events.

  • The full club results can be found below.

Congratulations to all the TMFC students, parents, staff and coaches. As we often say at the club, ’it takes a village’. We all know that you don’t win your medals at the tournament but through the day to day efforts and grind of the season. We know all our students, coaches and parents work extremely hard to make this all happen. Thank you!

Regardless of medals or not, we are very proud of the way all our students competed, supported each other and learned from the experience. It is only a true loss if you don’t learn something and our student’s are learning that often in defeat, the big lessons for long-term success can be found.

Pre-Season training begins the final week of July with 3-hour pre-season clinics (check our website: www.timmorehousefencing.com).

Sleep Away Camp: Aug. 10-18 the saber and foil students will be traveling to Cornell University for our first ever Sleep Away Training camp. We hope if you haven’t signed up already, that you will join us: https://www.timmorehousefencing.com/sleepaway

Tim Morehouse Fencing Club - Full Club Results

TMFC Students Show their Talent at the Morehouse Season Finale

Pictured: Y-8 Medalists

Pictured: Y-8 Medalists


  • Gold Medals by Madison Four-Garcia, Jonah Shainberg, Aram Clark, Ruth Radulovic, Enzo Bera, and Shaun Kim

  • Silver Medals by Nickoloz Lortkipanidze, Alex Fadel, Mackenzie Sampson-Alspon, Myles Duckett, and Triton Oh

  • Bronze Medals by Adele Bois, Marinella Ferrari-Bridgers, Aster Oh, Elijah Roper, Callie Zisson, Olivia Beaton, Alexander Grigorescu, Gabriel Clark, Myles Duckett, and Charles Leonard

New York, NY (June, 2019) - Tim Morehouse Fencing Club hosted their final tournament of the season, the Morehouse Season Finale. The event offered an opportunity for new fencers to get some tournament experience, and for more experienced fencers to get ready for Nationals. The tournament was held in two parts: a Youth Saber Cup, and a Saber Open.

At the Saber Open, Gold Medals were awarded to Madison Four-Garcia in Women’s Saber, and Jonah Shainberg in Mixed Saber. Nickoloz Lortkipanidze won a Silver Medal in Mixed Saber. Bronze Medals were awarded to Adele Bois and Marinella Ferrari-Bridgers in Women’s Saber. Top-8 Medals in Women’s Saber were awarded to Madison Duckett, Aria Bevacqua, and Lisa Marsh. Top-8 Medal’s in Mixed Saber were awarded to Ben Theeman and Lortkipanidze, Guram.

At the Youth Saber Cup, Gold Medals were achieved by Aram Clark in Y-8 Mixed Saber, Ruth Radulovic in Y-10 Women’s Saber, Enzo Bera in Y-10 Men’s Saber, and Shaun Kim in Y-12 Men’s Saber. Silver Medals were awarded to Alex Fadel in Y-8 Mixed Saber, Mackenzie Sampson-Alspon in Y-10 Women’s Saber, Myles Duckett in Y-10 Men’s Saber, and Triton Oh in Y-12 Men’s Saber. Bronze Medals were awarded to Aster Oh and Elijah Roper in Y-8 Mixed Saber, Callie Zisson and Olivia Beaton in Y-10 Women’s Saber, Alexander Grigorescu and Gabriel Clark in Y-10 Men’s Saber, and Myles Duckett and Charles Leonard in Y-12 Men’s Saber.

Top-8 finishes were achieved by Noah Pierre, Zihan Zhao, Morgan So, and Charles Hutchison in Y-8 Mixed Saber. In Y-10 Men’s Saber, Top-8 Medals were awarded to Alexandre Gimbrere, Nicolas Nordgren, Ethan Kim, and Aram Clark. Lastly, in Y-12 Men’s Saber, Top-8 Medals were awarded to William Morrill, Inkosi Brou, Enzo Bera, and Daniel Mangan.

Congratulations Everyone!

Full Club Results Below:


Open Women’s Saber:

  • 1st Four-Garcia, Madison

  • 3rd Bois, Adele

  • 3rd Ferrari-Bridgers, Marinella

  • 5th Duckett, Madison

  • 7th Bevacqua, Aria

  • 8th Marsh, Lisa

  • 10th Lammer, Sophie

Open Mixed Saber:

  • 1st Shainberg, Jonah

  • 2nd Lortkipanidze, Nickoloz

  • 6th Theeman, Ben

  • 8th Lortkipanidze, Guram

  • 9th Huayta, James

  • 10th Four-Garcia, Madison

  • 14th Chan, Alexander

  • 15th Bois, Adele

  • 17th Parkhurst, Michael

  • 19th Ruiz, Eric

  • 20th Balde, Alpha

  • 21st Chien, Phillip

  • 22nd Tsunoda, Yudai

  • 23rd Ferrari-Bridgers, Marinella

  • 24th Lockett, Audrey

  • 25th Park, Tai

  • 26th Morrill, Justin

  • 29th Lamhaouar, Ryan

  • 31st Revander, Dominique

  • 32nd Ruigomez, Eduardo

  • 33rd Tunkara, Mahammadou

  • 34th Caggiano, Zachary


Y-8 Mixed Saber:

  • 1st Clark, Aram

  • 2nd Fadel, Alex

  • 3rd Oh, Aster

  • 3rd Roper, Elijah

  • 5th Pierre, Noah

  • 6th Zhao, Zihan

  • 7th So, Morgan

  • 8th Hutchison, Charles

  • 9th Chang, Timothy

  • 10th So, Dylan

  • 11th Ahn, Edward

  • 12th Yu, Macallan

  • 13th Chambers, Miles

  • 14th Hutchison, Ella

  • 15th Abraham, Abed

  • 16th Kana, Aria

  • 17th Kana, Savina

  • 18th Pho, Stanley

Y-10 Women’s Saber:

  • 1st Radulovic, Ruth

  • 2nd Sampson-Alspon, Mackenzie

  • 3rd Zisson, Callie

  • 3rd Beaton, Olivia

Y-10 Men’s Saber:

  • 1st Bera, Enzo

  • 2nd Duckett, Myles

  • 3rd Grigorescu, Alexander

  • 3rd Clark, Gabriel

  • 5th Gimbrere, Alexandre

  • 6th Nordgren, Nicolas

  • 7th Kim, Ethan

  • 8th Clark, Aram

  • 9th Oh, Aster

  • 10th Moguel, Ixoye

  • 11th Fadel, Alex

  • 12th Della Pietra, Teo

  • 13th Schanzer, Remy

  • 14th Burg, Whit

  • 15th Sarwahi, Viraat

  • 16th Sampson-Alspon, Mackenzie

  • 17th Brady, Myles

  • 18th Shah, Kabir

  • 19th Palmieri, Ryan

  • 20th Zhao, Zihan

  • 21st Cukierman, Benjamin

  • 22nd McDonald, Ryan

Y-12 Men’s Saber:

  • 1st Kim, Shaun

  • 2nd Oh, Triton

  • 3rd Duckett, Myles

  • 3rd Leonard, Charles

  • 5th Morrill, William

  • 6th Brou, Inkosi

  • 7th Bera, Enzo

  • 8th Mangan, Daniel

  • 9th Wasserman, Aiden

  • 10th Volvovskiy, Tim

  • 12th Thacker, Raana

  • 13th Clark, Gabriel

  • 14th Beaton, Jacob

  • 15th Tai, Roebling

Full Results:




The Top-50 Youth Foil Fencing Clubs In The Country! (2018-2019 Season)

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 10.42.35 AM.png
Foil Rankings Top 50 v4.png

Congratulations Fencers Club Inc on bringing home the title of #1 Youth Competitive Foil Club in the country for the 2018-2019 Season!

Fencers Club brought home 37 SYC medals with Gutkovsky Fencing Academy right behind with 36. Renaissance Fencing Academy (32 medals), 5-Towns Fencers Club (29 medals) and Silicon Valley Fencing Center (28 medals) rounded out the top-5. Congratulations to all the coaches and students on their hard work!

The calculations are based on the number of top-8 medal finishes at Super Youth Circuits and the Youth NAC in March.

Renaissance won the most Gold Medals with 10 and Fencers Club had the most amount of tournament entries 244. You can view the top-25 for entries and gold medals won at SYCs and the Youth NAC below.

Entries V2.png
Foil Gold Medals.png


  • Since USA Fencing’s website doesn’t have open API and results are no longer on ASKFRED, this data was entered manually. If you notice any errors, please let us know and we will update them! (If a club name is spelled differently, it will read it as 2 different clubs)

  • We only counted the first club that a student represents and not the secondary.

  • We counted the results of the club a student was representing at the time. So, if a student was representing club X in September and Club Y in May then the results in September would count towards Club X.

  • We combined clubs with affiliate locations into one club. So for example, Sheridan Fencing Academy which has a few different locations is counted as one club.

  • We only counted Y10, Y12 and Y14. Not Y8 or the Cadets that sometimes occurred at SYCS.