NY Fencers Club Pushes Back Into 1st Place as Tim Morehouse Fencing Club Climbs from 5th to 2nd Place on Day 5 of Summer Nationals

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Columbus, Ohio - Manhattan Fencing Centers grip on 1st place lasted one day as NY Fencer’s Club medal haul on day 5 propelled them back into 1st place. Over the first 5 days, the New York Athletic Club, NY Fencer’s Club and Manhattan Fencing Club have all held the top spot.

The big mover on the day 5 was Tim Morehouse Fencing Club which captured 5 medals and rose from 5th place to 2nd place with medals in all 3 weapons and 3 medals in foil.

At the halfway point, 50 events have been competed with close to 400 medals being awarded to the 3000 athletes who have competed so far in the largest fencing competition in the world. Additional, 552 clubs have been represented at this years Summer Nationals and July Challenge 2019.

What will the final 5 days of competition hold? The majority of Youth events, Division 2 and 3 as well as a number of Veteran events are coming up in the final 5 days of Summer Nationals.

Here is the full medal count leaderboard:

The Live Results:

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