Syd Hirsch Captures Silver at the Junior Olympics to Lead Tim Morehouse Fencing Club


  • Syd Hirsch won a Silver Medal in Cadet Women’s Saber and also had a 7th place medal finish in Junior Women’s Saber

  • Nicka Lortkipanidze led the boys with a top-16 in Junior Men’s Saber and a top-32 in Cadet men’s Saber

  • 6 Members of the Club earned national points including Syd Hirsch, Josephine Chang, Amber White, Henry Nadile, Nicka Lortkipanidze and Owen Prevey Sullivan.

Memphis, Tennessee (February, 2018) 15 members of Tim Morehouse Fencing Club traveled to the 2018 Junior Olympics to participate in the annual championship which draws the best fencer’s in the country in the Under-17 Cadet and Under-20 Junior categories.

The four-day tournament was held at the Memphis Cook Convention Center and included over 2000 athletes.

Sydney Hirsch finished her Cadet career with a Silver Medal in the Under-17 category losing 14-15 for the championship in an exciting back and forth match with Avante Garde’s Ryan Jenkins.  Sydney finished the season 7th in the country in the Cadet national standings. In the Junior event, Hirsch had a strong 7th place medal finish and she currently stands 23rd in the country in the Under-20 standings.

In the men’s saber events, Nicka Lortkipanidze led the way with a top-16 finish in the Junior men’s saber event and a top-32 result in Cadet men’s Saber. In the Cadet standings, Nicka moved up to 3rd in the country in the “Aged Out” Cadet rankings and he is currently 46th in the country in Junior men’s saber.

Owen Prevey-Sullivan finished 22nd in a strong Junior men’s saber field with 256 competitors. He is currently ranked 45th in the country in Junior men’s saber. Henry Nadile also earned national points in both Cadet and Junior categories with two top-64 finishes. Henry is currently 12th in the country in the “aged out” Cadet men’s saber rankings.

Tim Morehouse Fencing Club fielded teams in the men and women’s Junior team event who both finished in 6th place out of the twenty plus teams that competed in these categories.

Full Results:


Junior Women’s Saber (189 Competitors)
7th MEDAL- Sydney Hirsch (Earned National Points)
42nd Amber White (Earned National Points)
59th Josephine Chang (Earned National Points)
129th Rainer Dragon
156th Sophia Cannon
171st Grace Kelman

Junior Team Women’s Saber (22 Teams)
6th Place – Syd Hirsch, Josephine Chang, Rainer Dragon, Amber White

Cadet Men’s Saber (248 Competitors)
22nd Nicka Lortipanidze (Earned National Points)
57th Henry Nadile (Earned National Points)
69th Peter Hammer
91st Braden Vaccari
95th Phil Chien
119th Zach Wolin
176th Michael Parkhurst
197th Scott Wyche

Cadet Women’s Saber (175 Competitors)
SILVER MEDAL – Syd Hirsch (Earned National Points)
40th Josephine Chang (Earned National Points)
151st Josephine Cannon
159th Grace Kelman

Junior Team Men’s Saber (28 Teams)
6th Place
– Owen Prevey-Sullivan, Henry Nadile, Nicka Lortkipanidze, Peter Hammer

Junior Men’s Saber (256 Competitors)
13th Nicka Lortkipanidze (Earned National Points)
22nd Owen Prevey-Sullivan (Earned National Points)
48th Henry Nadile (Earned National Points)
81st Braden Vaccari
114th Zach Wolin