Tim Morehouse Fencing Club's First Ever Elite Sleep Away Camp at Cornell University is a Success

Ithaca, NY - Tim Morehouse Fencing Club just concluded its first ever sleep away camp held at Cornell University with 55 students training from Aug. 10-18 in saber and foil.

The camp was held in partnership with Cornell University Varsity Coach Daria Schneider and featured Olympian and coaches Tim Morehouse, Achiko Lortkipanidze, Slava Grigoriev, Ziad El-Sissy and Jeff Spear as well as Melvin Rodriguez, Diana Ruiz and Susan Jennings. It included students from across the country.


“We are very proud of the hard work of the students who attended. They trained with focus and energy and really bonded together over the course of the 8 days.”

Student’s participated in 3 practices a day including conditioning, footwork, tactical and technical drills and tournament bouting.

Enrollment is now open for the Tim Morehouse Fencing Club programs in Westchester, New York City and Greenwich, CT.

Link :https://www.timmorehousefencing.com/enrollnow