Program and Pricing Overview



The Trial Lesson Process

BECOMING A MEMBER - Part 1 (The Trial Lesson Process)
To start the process of becoming a member at Tim Morehouse Fencing Club, you should fill out a Trial Lesson inquiry request. Generally, we get back to Trial Lesson inquiry requests in under 24-hours.

Trial lessons are 20-minutes in length and one-on-one with a member of the TMFC coaching staff. During the visit, we will also save time before and after to discuss our programs and make a program recommendation to you.

Before we make any program recommendations, especially for new fencers, we always want the chance to meet the prospective student and work with them one-on-one so we can get to know them to make a more informed decision.

Trial lessons are $30 dollars and students just need to come in athletic pants, t-shirts and sneakers. The fencing gear is included.


How Our Program Works

If you’re new to fencing, don’t worry, our coaches and performance support team are here to help and answer any questions that you might have about our program.

Tim Morehouse Fencing Club is the #1 ranked Youth Competitive Club in the country and we specialize in starting student’s in the 7-11 age range but we also serve all age-ranges including adult fencers.

We pride ourselves on having coaches and staff who will become a part of your life and be there to help you navigate the sport of fencing.

These are some of the key things to know about:

  1. Group Classes -

    • Classes at TMFC are between 80-100 Minutes.

    • We generally keep a 8 to 1 ratio in our group classes especially during drills.

    • Group classes consist of a whole group warm-up, conditioning, footwork, tactical and technical drills and electric bouting.

    • The classes are generally broken into 3 categories: 1st Category - Youth Classes (Ages: 6-11): generally the students start together and then break into beginner and competitive small groups. 2nd Category - Young Adult (Ages: 12+) broken into beginner/intermediate/competitive and our Elite Competitive fencers. Category 3 - We have a few “All Ages/Levels Classes” where the older kids spend time working with the younger ones and then split into age-groups within the class depending on the activities that day.

    • Classes are generally mixed gender, ages and have a variety of levels of experience. Depending on the time of year, exercises we are covering etc. the student’s are sometimes broken into different groups by gender, level and/or age and sometimes we work all together.

    • Student’s are generally learning the basic moves and techniques during their private lessons and then they are applying skills during the Group Classes.

    • Group Classes are $299 for 2 Group Classes Per Week, $399 for unlimited classes or $499 for Elite Classes.

  2. Private Lessons -

    • Private lessons are one-on-one between a student and coach.

    • They are 20-minutes in length and during the private lesson, the coach will work on a student’s basic fencing technique, teach them the fencing moves as well as the strategy and tactics of where to apply those moves.

    • The Private Lessons are critical to a student’s advancement and enjoyment of the sport. This is the time where a student is met at their level and brought up in skill. Those skills are then applied in class.

    • All students must take at least one package of private lessons to participate in classes and these are scheduled on a weekly recurring basis. Sometimes, depending on a trial lesson, a student might take 5-10 Private Lessons before joining the Group Classes but most students start with group classes right away.

    • Private Lessons are generally $500 for 10 sessions.

  3. Club Membership -

    • All students must become members of Tim Morehouse fencing Club to participate in group classes, open bouting and to receive membership pricing.

    • Membership is $700 for the “Regular Season” (Sept to June) and pro-rated each by $70 each month after September or you can choose to pay $80 per month on a recurring basis.

    • Membership is non-refundable or transferable.

  4. Fencing Equipment -

    • New saber students only need to purchase a fencing glove and body cords. Foil and Epee student’s need to purchase their own foil/epee, mask and glove.

    • As part of the membership, members can use the safety and scoring jackets at the club and saber members will be provided a loaner mask, saber and a station at the club to keep their mask and saber. It is the student’s responsibility to bring their glove and cords back and forth.

    • Competitive students or students with their own equipment can either bring their equipment back and forth or rent a locker.

  5. Tournaments -

    • TMFC is a competitive club and generally our student’s will participate in their first “club tournament” about 3-4 months into their fencing career but this really depends on a case by case basis. Some students within a year are competing several times a month, but this is a decision made with the coach, student and parents and depends on the student’s age, progress and temperament and maturity.

  6. CAMPS

    • Camps are great way to gain a lot of experience while having a great time.

    • TMFC holds Youth Beginner and Competitive camps starting mid-late June until the last week of August every summer at both our Manhattan and Westchester locations. We also hold mini-camps throughout the season between Christmas and New Years Day (Winter Camp), we generally have 2 weeks of Spring Break Camps and we also host several Monday camps when schools are closed for holidays.

    • The Youth camps are for ages 6-12 and generally run Monday-Friday 10am-3pm.

    • We generally recommend that new students do 1-2 weeks of camp during the summer and that competitive students do 3-4 weeks of camp. Competitive students should always plan to attend the Winter Camp, Pre-Season and Pre-Nationals camps.

What Program is Best?

New Fencers: We highly recommend starting with 2-Group Classes Per Week and 1 Private Lesson Per week. The enjoyment, retention and ability to start competing for student’s doing more than one day a week is huge. Student’s in any activity need to be able to bond with coaches, make friends, feel like they are making progress and generally feel comfortable. We see a huge difference in student’s who start with 2-days per week versus 1.

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 3.51.01 PM.png

Section 2:
Current Members - What’s New?

  1. Group Classes Are Monthly/Annual Programs and Private Lessons Will All Be on Packs: One of the big changes you’ll notice is that the monthly or Annual programs will just be for Group Classes. We made the switch to make it a little cleaner in how we manage Private Lesson scheduling especially when some are missed for tournaments or travel. You will only be billed for Private Lessons when your pack runs out of sessions. Last year, private lessons were built into the monthly programs. The packs will not expire.

  2. How Will Private Lessons Work? What is the equivalent program of Beginner/Intermediate or Elite 1 or 2?

    • The Beginner/Intermediate Program equivalent would be the 2-Classes Per Week ($299/Monthly) and 1 recurring private lesson per week. The private lessons would be billed from packs with the Group Lessons being on the monthly or annual plans.

    • Elite 1: Unlimited Elite Classes and you’l select 2-recurring lessons per week and then purchase a 10,20 or 30 pack to cover the sessions

    • Elite 2: Unlimited Elite Group Classes Program and you would select 3 or more recurring lessons that would be billed via 10,20 or 30 packs.

    • Flex Plan: Stays the same. You pay monthly or annual membership and then you pay as you go for classes and/or lessons via packs of sessions

  3. How Do Annual Versus Monthly Programs Work?

    • If you pay for your Group Class program for the year then it will include camps between Sept 1 and June 15. This includes Winter Camps and any of our holiday camps or special clinics during the season.

    • The Pre-National Clinics after June 15 will NOT be included and tournament coaching is NOT included.

    • If you are doing the Elite Saber Program, the Annual Price is $4999. It is $550/Monthly if you pay monthly so you save $51 dollars per month if you pay for the year.

    • Elite Annual programs must be paid for in check or cash.

  4. Cancellation Policy: The Group Class cancellation policy will be 24-hours and the Private lesson cancellation window will be 48-hours.

  5. Membership: The annual membership is $700 and pro-rated each month after September or you can pay monthly for $80/Month on a credit card.

  6. Tournament Coaching Fees: Tournament coaching fees are not included in any program. Tournament Coach is mandatory for events that we designate on the website. This keeps prices down for everyone and allows us to plan for how many coaches we need to send to event.

  7. Tournament Coaching (Non-Designated Events): You can request a coach attend a non-club designated tournament by emailing info@. Please let us know as early as possible. In the case of requested coaching, the families must coordinate with each other to cover the coaches travel and there day rates which are variable depending on the coach requested.

  8. Equipment: Youth student’s will still be provided a designated loaner mask or saber but every student must have their own glove and body cords. The club now has stocked 800N gloves and both practice and tournament quality body cords. We will not be renting or lending out body cords next year. It is the student’s responsibility to bring their cords or to purchase a new one if their cord breaks.

  9. How Much Should We Be Training? This depends a lot on your goals but generally the youth student’s who are competing and making results do class 3 times per week and take 2 private lessons per week. Young Adult (13+ students) who are making results are generally practicing 3-4 times per week and taking 2-3 private lessons per week. We had no student’s making significant or even average results who attended 1-day per week.

    • Camps: Camps are critical for competitive fencers and youth fencers looking to start competing: we recommend youth fencers do 2-3 weeks of Summer Camps. (20-hours per week)

    • The Winter Camp is between Christmas and New Years, Pre-Season clinics are 4:20pm-7:20pm in Manhattan and Pre-Nationals start Mid-June.

    • Tournaments: Student’s who are training to make national/international results should be competing 1-2 times per month during the season.

  10. Recurring Packages: All lesson packs will auto-renew when they reach zero. You will get a notification from the system when your pack is down to 1 session and it is your responsibility to email in writing if yo don’t want it to be charged for another pack or else the system will run a billing.

  11. Final Billing Month: (JUNE or The Month You Stop Your Contract) During the final month of June, if you have a monthly class program, these will be converted into Flex Sessions that can be used for classes or lessons. These sessions will not expire if you do not use all of them by the end of the month, but this helps us take into account all the variables of June including pre-national clinics, school events and various points where people finish school and might leave for vacation.

Port Chester 2019 - 2020 Class Schedule
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