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Founded in 2015 by Olympic Silver Medalist and 2x US National Champion Tim Morehouse, Tim Morehouse Fencing Club teaches the Olympic sport of saber fencing — with classes and lessons for competitors of all ages and ability levels.


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Why Why Tim Morehouse Fencing Club?

The coaches at Tim Morehouse Fencing Club, led by Olympic Silver Medalist Tim Morehouse, work hard to create a safe, fun, inclusive and focused environment for learners of all abilities.

In addition, TMFC is one of the fastest-rising fencing clubs in the country. After our first year of operation, National Fencing Club Rankings calculated that Tim Morehouse Fencing Club secured the 10th-most youth saber medals and the 5th-most youth boys saber medals during the 2015-2016 season.

The same site also concluded that Tim Morehouse Fencing Club is the best youth women's saber club in the state of New York.

Why Fencing? 

Fencing may be the world's best youth sport because it challenges competitors' brains as strenuously as their bodies.

While fencers benefit from strength and speed, they also need strategy, quick-thinking and determination to overcome their opponents.

The sport also offers a unique mix of camaraderie and self-reliance. Fencers train with teammates who all work to help each other improve. But, when fencers compete, they win or lose by their own actions and choices.

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Tim Morehouse Fencing Club offers classes for fencers of all levels — from just starting out to Olympic hopefuls.

  • Fundamentals Classes serve students from ages 8-16 who are learning to master the basics fencing.
  • Elite Classes serve students who regularly compete at regional and national events.
  • Adult Novice Classes offer busy professionals an opportunity to learn a new hobby.
  • Musketeers Classes teach children age 4-7 how to gain better control over their bodies through fencing.


Tim Morehouse Fencing Club operates in the Upper West Side at 210 W 91st Street, and will soon open a second location in Westchester.