Tim Morehouse Fencing Club (TMFC) was founded in December, 2015 with the mission to create the best youth sports program in the country as measured by competitive results, academic success and  the teaching of "champions value" to its students. 

The original TMFC opened in December, 2015 in Manhattan at 210 West 91st on the 2nd floor of the Young Israel West Side synagogue Community Building. In June, 2017, the Manhattan location expanded to the 3rd floor of the building. 

The second TMFC opened in September, 2017 in Port Chester, NY at 135 Pearl Street. 

Summer Nationals
2016 (Dallas, Texas)                3 Athletes (3 Medals)
2017 (Salt Lake City, Utah)    27 Athletes (5 Medals)
2018 (St. Louis, Missouri)       47 athletes (TBD)