Daily Schedule
Policies and Procedures


1. "Staff Google" Calendar - Includes all vacations and travel 3-4 months in Advance
2. MB - Staff Day by Day are Accurate with classes taught, lessons and availability

Tournament and Vacation Process (MUST BE COMPLETED)

  1. Staff Member Submits Dates (Editable Google Form)
  2. Any Classes that are taught by the Teacher are Moved First  (Office Completes First)
  3. Impacted Lessons are moved in a "Planning Document" First (Approved by Office)
  4. Email Send to Parents (Standard) About Movements

RULES FOR MOVING LESSONS: (Coach Knows Their Students Best)

  1. Keep student in same time on same day with different teacher (If student parent ok with other instructor)
  2. Move student to a similar time on the day with a different teacher
  3. Move student earlier day with same instructor (Double lessons on open times)
  4. * Elite students will miss some lessons as part of their "Paying for" Tournament Coaching

Inform parents 2-3 weeks before. 




  1. Insure Accuracy of billing and scheduling (For Customers and Staff)
  2. Minimize "Check Out" Issues (Get Billings before service is provided) and insure the correct service is provided 
  3. Maximize the office time (Be Proactive) 

Arrival - Check out the days Private Lessons with Office Manager when you arrive. 

  • Pilot: Check out lessons when you arrive since those are within 24-48/hour cancelation window.s
  • Pilot: Check out teaching hours when you arrive.
  • Note "Trial Lessons" - Do Not Check Out unless they happen.


  • Any available time will ideally be filled with a lesson.
  • Lessons can be added last minute. Walk-In Trials


  • If we know a student isn't coming but there lesson is still on the schedule: (Coach emails 


Book Coaches Time with Floor Manager - "Appointment"