Beginner Program

8-Classes/Monthly (2-Per Week)
4-Private Lessons/Monthly (1-Per Week)
Designated Loaner Equipment (Mask, Glove, Saber and Cords) 
Equipment Storage Station
Ages 7-12 attend the Youth Champions Classes and 13+ attend the Junior/Senior Classes.

Upgrade Option:
Take a 2nd private lesson per week via our 10-packs of Private Lessons ($450) and a 3rd class weekly class will be included. 

Plus Annual Membership

Elite Program

 8-Private Lessons/Monthly (2-Weekly)
 Unlimited Classes (3-Practices/Weekly is the Minimum Requirement) 
 Unlimited Camps
(Winter Camp + August Summer Training is Mandatory)
Tournament Coaching (Regional and National)
* Equipment Station

Upgrade Option:
Additional Private Lessons Can Be purchased via our 10-packs of Private Lessons ($450)

Plus Annual Membership

Adult Program


$399/Monthly (18+)

  • 4 Private Lessons
  • 8 Classes
  • Loaner Equipment
  • Equipment Station


$299/Month (Ages: 4-6)

  • 4 Private Lessons
  • Unlimited Classes
  • Loaner Equipment

Membership/Registration Fee:

  • All Programs include a membership/registration fee that is billed immediately at the time of sign-up to reserve class and lesson. The registration/membership is valid through the end of the fencing season (generally August 30) regardless of the time of year when a contract is purchased. 


Flexible Program (Limited Eligibility)

$150/Monthly Fee plus individual purchases of "services"

Description: The "Flexible Program" Allows client to purchase "10-Packs of Flexible Services" for $450 to be used for classes, private lessons and camps.

The program includes a storage station for mask, saber, glove and cords.(Students must have or purchase their own equipment)

Eligibilty: (Not Everyone is Eligible for Flexible Plan)

Not Eligible: New fencing Students under-13 years of age are NOT eligible for Flexible Plans. The Beginner program is mandatory for Youth fencers under 13-years of age with no experience.

What Students Need In a Program:

Youth Students starting any type of extra-curricular activity should include 5 essential elements:

  1. A safe, fun and Supportive Environment
  2. Enjoyment of the Activity
  3. Developing a bond with Coaches
  4. Having Friends at the activity
  5. Feeling a sense of Progress and Success

Our "Beginner" program has demonstrated a high rate of retention and competitive success and our balanace of classes and private lessons at the outset help all 5 of the essential elements to be present. We recommend students do at least 3-months, a full season, before deciding if fencing (or any activity) is right for them.

The data on Youth students beginning a new activity demonstate that student retention for "Once a week" programs is generally low. A level of immersion in a new activity at the outset is essential for a child to beocme "hooked".