Tim Morehouse Fencing Club is launched!


It is my pleasure to announce the opening of Tim Morehouse Fencing Club (TM-FC) on the Upper West Side of Manhattan! My entire adult professional career has been spent in education and sports through my work in the classroom, my career as an Olympic fencer or most recently in the creation of my foundation Fencing In The Schools.

Tim Morehouse Fencing Club(s) represents another "next step" in my journey to grow the sport of fencing and to brings its benefits to more people around the country especially our youth.

If you are new to fencing, I hope you take that first step and try out a class and to those already in the community, I hope you'll stop by and say hello as we get off the ground!

Our official opening date is Monday, October 12 but we'll be having some open houses starting late September so check back at timmorehousefencing.com for those dates or follow us on Facebook and twitter!


Tim Morehouse
US Olympic Silver Medalist
Founder of Tim Morehouse Fencing Clubs