Elite Program
(Plus Annual Membership) 


Our Elite Programs are designed for students who want too or who are already competing regionally, nationally and internationally  at competitions. We've designed our programs to be fully inclusive of the various activities required to produce competitive fencers, including tournament coaching and the flexibility of unlimited weekly classes and camps to encourage training and success at competitions. 

Students must attend a minimum of 3 classes per week. 

The Program Includes:

  • Unlimited Monthly Classes (Within the age range and level of the student)
  • Unlimited Day Camps (Some Restrictions Apply) 
  • Tournament Coaching (During Designated regional/national Tournaments. Not International) 
  • Entry Fees to TM-FC Club Held "Local" Tournaments 
  • A Station for storing fencing equipment at the Club
  • Additional monthly lessons can be booked with 10-Packs of Flexible Services for an additional fee of $450 Per 10 Lessons.  

Key Terms of Service:

  • Members will book your recurring lessons and class times with the office at the start of your contract. 
  • There is a 48-Hour Private Lesson Cancelation Policy and a 24-Hour Class Cancelation Policy.
  • It is members' responsibility to cancel lessons or classes online in case of inability to attend. 
  • Lessons and classes will expire within 35 days of the monthly sell date.  It is your responsibility to book make-up classes and lessons online in case of club closures for holidays (or other reasons) or during months with fewer days. 
  • It is members' responsibility to book Make-Up Lessons online for any "Early Canceled" lessons or alternatively inform the office staff upon arrival that they would like a "Pick Up" Lesson if a coach is available that day. 
  • Full Terms of Service: (CLICK HERE)