Junior Champions Program 1 — $359/Month
(1 Weekday Class and 1 Semi-Private Session) 

Junior Champions Program 2 — $499/Month
(2 Weekday Classes and 2 Semi-Private Sessions) 

Junior Champions Program 3 - Coming Soon.
(3 Weekday Classes and 3 Semi-Private Sessions) 

Weekend Competitors Program - $160/Month - Coming Soon.
Price Includes: 1. Weekend class on non-competition days,
2. Entry to TM-FC Monthly Tournaments and
3. Local Tournament Coaching Fees

Notes on Cadet/Junior Champions Program: 
**Cadet/Junior Weekday Classes are held 6:20pm-8:40pm Monday-Thurday
** Semi-Private Sessions are held in 20-minute blocks before week day classes:
5:40pm, 6:00pm, 6:20pm **
** Weekend Classes are extended time **
** Private Lessons can be purchased in 10-packs”