Tim Morehouse Fencing Club

"How a Champion Trains is What We Live and Teach.” - Founder Tim Morehouse

It is our mission to develop the champion in all of our students. To become a champion, you must live, train and believe in yourself like one. It isn’t about winning at at all costs, but a philosophy we teach with a simple creed: Get Better Everyday. 

Getting better everyday isn’t just a slogan. It is a functional set of actions that involves goal setting, planning, working hard, approaching practice with spirit and fire, conducting yourself with integrity and sportsmanship and perhaps a most key element is constant learning even in the face of challenges and setbacks.

We want our students to be position for success in fencing and most importantly life. 

Tim Morehouse Fencing Club(s) is a team of exceptional teachers working to teach the Olympic sport of fencing in a safe, fun and supportive community environment.

We work to instill these values in our fencers: 

1. Pursuing Your Passions with energetic spirit and hard work
2. Setting big goals
3. Persevering and growing stronger through challenges and setbacks
4. Being a positive and contributing member of a community
5. Being Nice and helping others

Founded by Olympic Silver Medalist Tim Morehouse in 2015. TM-FC is a saber-only fencing club geared towards the development of youth and adult beginner and competitive saber fencers. 

The Benefits of Fencing

Fencing is an ancient sport that dates back to kings and nobility who used to duel for honor to first blood.  Today, fencing is one of the safest sports in the world utilizing technology for scoring while still retaining many of the traditions of honor, chivalry and respect in its modern form.  

Fencing is now a staple of the Olympic Games and it is one of only three sports that have been contested in every single Olympics Games. The founder of the modern Olympic Games, Pierre de Coubertin, was  fencer as is current International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach. 

The sport of fencing has many benefits including the development of physical literacy, mental and emotional maturity and discipline.

The sport is also an NCAA sport that boasts scholarships for its top athletes while providing a great activity that stands out on college applications. There are fencing programs at most Ivy League schools and because of the sports size, fencing provides a greater opportunity to compete on a college team or club. 

The sport of fencing has traditionally been a European dominated sport, but over the past three Olympic Games Team USA has brought home Olympic medals and now boasts one of the strongest teams in the world. US Athletes are now winning Olympic medals, World Championships, World Cup medals and competing at the highest levels. Over the previous decade there has been a marked growth in the sport as more clubs and schools programs are opening up throughout the country.