Beginner Skills (Level 1) - Building Champions Starts on Day 1


Key Ideas: A fencer's beginning lessons and classes are critical to their retention and development in the sport. 

5 Keys To Early Retention: 

  1. Safe Environment (Top Priority)
  2. Kids Having Fun
  3. Bond with a coach (feel cared for)
  4. Make Friends 
  5. Feel Progress and Success
  6. Disciplined and Structured Environment 

Please Note: Discipline and Fun Go Together. 

Types of Skills We Are Teaching: (Champions Standards) 

  1. Safety Skills
  2. Routines and Procedures
  3. Footwork 
  4. Bladework
  5. Starting Cycles
  6. Basic "Fencing Reads" and Reactions
  7. Core Club Drills
  8. Physical Training
  9. Fencing Concepts
  10. Champions Mindsets 
  11. Club Commands 

* Note: We explicitly teach Routines and Procedures. 

1. Safety Skills (Kids Will articular and Be Able to Demonstrate Fencing Safety Rules) 

  1. Following Coaches Directions ("Halt")
  2. No Fencing without a mask
  3. No Picking Up Sabers without Coaches Permission
  4. Pay Attention When moving Around Room (Don't walk behind a lesson or match)
  5. Hook Up/Unhook at the end of the strip
  6. Always Wear Proper Safety Equipment when Fencing
  7. Never Put On a Mask When Holding Your Saber

Measured By: 

2. Routines and Procedures (By End of Lesson 10)

  1. Entering Club Procedures - Check-In, Water, Equipment and Waiting For Class To Start
  2. Picking Up and Putting Down the Saber
  3. Moving and Sitting with your Saber
  4. Putting on Jacket, Mask and Glove (Under 1 Minute)
  5. Putting Away Your Equipment and Maintaining Your Station 
  6. Getting Dressed in Electric Equipment in Under 4-Minutes 

3. Footwork:  (Skills and Habits) 


  • En Garde
  • Advance and Retreat
  • Lunge
  • Recover
  • 1/2 
  • 1/2 Jump
  • Jump Back
  1. Champions En Garde (Level 3)
    1. Knees Bent
    2. Front Toe Forward
    3. Looking straight ahead
    4. Arm parallel to the Floor
    5. Heels aligned
    6. Space between Feet
    7. Weight distributed evenly
    8. Upper Body Centered
  2. Advance (Level 3)
    1. Front toe
    2. Finish with Back Heel
    3. Finish back in EN Garde
    4. "ONE" Move front foot forward
    5. "TWO" Move back foot to finish advance
  3. Retreat (Level 3)
    1. Move back foot to toe
    2. Finish front foot back to 
    3. Finish back in En Garde 
    4. "THREE" Move back foot back
    5. "FOUR" Finish Retreat
  4. Basic Lunge
    1. Arm Goes Straight Out
    2. Push From Back Leg 
    3. Front Leg Extension (Don't Over or Under Extend)
    4. Land in Lunge Position (Balance) 
  5. Recover
    1. Push from front leg
    2. Return Back to En Garde
    3. Stay in En Garde until released

  6. Lunge (Level 3) 
  7. Advance Lunge






1. Routines and Procures