Competitions (Essential Knowledge)

1. USA Fencing Membership: Register as a USA Fencing "Competitive Member" for the current season (REGISTER) 

2. Equipment: You must have a complete set of Equipment: (Check Specifications)

3. Categories and Types of Tournaments: What Am I Qualified to Compete in? (Check Specifications) 

4. Find and Register for a Tournament: There are three main places to find competitions:

  • Askfred: (Local, Regional and Youth National) 
  • USA Fencing: (National Events)
  • International: Fie.Org (International Events) 

6. Ratings and Rankings: What do I earn at competitions? (Check Specifications) 

7. Qualification Paths for the "Big" Competitions and Teams: (Article) 

  • Junior Olympics
  • National Champions (Division 1) 
  • Summer Nationals
  • World Championship Teams (Cadet, Junior and Senior) 
  • The Olympics 

8. Goal Setting and Expectations: (Article) 

9. Tournament Formats: (Article)