What do you need to know for you or your fencer to compete?

Making the transition from the fencing club to fencing tournaments changes what fencers need to know and do. Tim Morehouse Fencing Club, in cooperation with Fencing University, has assembled the following articles to help you know everything you need for you or your fencer to compete.

How Do You Sign Up For Fencing Tournaments on AskFred?

AskFred.net has become the default way for fencers to sign up for tournaments in the U.S. While the site lists nearly every tournament to happen in the country, the interface can be a little tricky.

This primer will walk you through the process.

How do you sign up for national fencing tournaments?

Not all that long ago, national fencers had to fax in their application forms to fence at national events. USA Fencing has since upgraded its technology to allow online registration, but the process remains tricky.

This walk-through will guide you through the process.

What Equipment is Needed at Fencing Tournaments?

The United States Fencing Association has a very stringent list of equipment required for all fencers participating in USFA events. This article lists everything you need to know.

If you or your fencer doesn't have all the necessary equipment, Tim Morehouse Fencing Club can get it for you.

Don’t Get Your Fencer Disqualified: Tournament Day Basics

Possibly the scariest thing about fencing tournaments is that inexperienced fencers can ruin the event for themselves before they even meet an opponent. Competitors who don’t show up where and when they’re supposed to can get disqualified according to tournament rules.

This article will walk you through how to best prepare your fencer to win or lose on their own merits.

When And Why you Should Start Competing At Fencing Tournaments

The sport of fencing thrives on competition. You can’t have a fencing match without head to head competition. That dynamic puts tournaments at the sport’s heart. If you only pick up a weapon when you practice at your club, you miss the essence of fencing.

This article walks you through why you should start fencing, but also when.

Why You Need a Strip Coach

In the heat of a fencing bout, adrenaline slams into your brain. Your emotions swell and turn into raw intensity. This can give you the energy you need to defeat a difficult opponent, but it can also blind you to your mistakes.

This article explains how a strip coach can help you steer clear of these problems. If you'd like to hire a TMFC strip coach, you can do so here.