Recreational Program
(Ages: Flexible)

(8-Classes and 4-Lessons/Monthly)


The Adult Program ("Recreational Program") is a geared for beginner/novice adult level fencers. Our goal is to build an adult competitive program and there are many opportunities for adults to start fencing and compete. There are 40+, 50+, 60+ and 70+ categories of local and national competitions. 

The program averages 2 classes per week and 1 lesson per week. All our classes in the Youth and Junior/Senior age categories include beginner groups and instruction in the fundamentals.

Note: Studies show that once a week engagement in an activity leads to low retention rates for new participants in sports so we highly recommend you attend twice weekly.

Program Includes

  • 8-Classes/Monthly
  • 4-Lesson Per Month 
  • Designated loaner equipment and station (Note: This is the club's equipment) 
  • 2-Month Commitment Required.

The Program DOES NOT Include:

  • Unlimited classes
  • Unlimited Camps
  • Tournament Entry Fees
  • Tournament Coaching Fees
  • Owning your own equipment 

Class Schedule

  • You will attend the applicable class in your age/level category. 
  • Consult the club schedule for more information

$399/Month plus $550 Registration Fee


  • You will book your recurring lessons and class times with the office at the start of your contract. 
  • There is a 48-Hour Private Lesson Cancelation Policy and a 24-Hour Class Cancelation Policy.
  • It is the student's responsibility to cancel all lessons or classes online. 
  • The lessons and classes will expire within 35 days of the monthly sell date.  It is your responsibility to book make-up classes and lessons online for closure days or in months with shorter days or holidays. 
  • It is the student's responsibility to book "Make-Up" Lessons online for any "Early Canceled" lessons or alternatively inform the office staff upon arrival that they'd like a "Pick Up" Lesson if a coach is available that day. 
  • Full Terms of Service: (CLICK HERE)